Racoon Foot Hold Trap

Coon Dagger: The Dog Proof Trap (per dozen)

$ 155.00

The Coon Dagger Dog Proof Trap solves the problems of all other dog-proof traps on the market.  The unique 2-way circle trigger can substantially increase your catch ratio over other standard trigger models.

Product Description

The Coon Dagger Dp Trap revolutionized the Dp trap market. We proved that the Dps can be a very effective devise to capture raccoons with any type bait were others failed. Being the original inventor of the 2 way shaped triggering system, you know you have done something right when everyone wants to ride on your coattail.   The unique 2-way circle trigger can substantially increase your catch ratio over other standard straight trigger models. Find out why others had to change their trigger to copy the Daggers 2-way SHAPED trigger, Because the Dagger works and theirs DID NOT!

In actual testing, the push-pull circle trigger reduced bait theft by a 12 to 1 margin over conventional straight trigger type traps.  No more bait clean out with no catch.

The Sudden Valley Coon Dagger Dog Proof Trap features:

.  Covered by 3 separate US patents, US 8,484,886 B2, US 8,881,447 B2 and US 8,898,952, all total covering 9 independent  separate claims.

  • Exposed lower tube and bail that prevents clogging and allows easier clean out and resetting after a catch. No more Grip wire freezing to inside of tube
  • Diamond shape opening allows for better grip by applying pressure to all four sides of the paw instead of two like most others
  • Multiple drain holes in bottom
  • A unique triggering system which allows a push or pull operation
  • A pre-set safety postion so trap can be baited at home
  • Large stabilizer for better support in soft soils.
  • The only trap with a built in notch for a detachable break-away support for frozen ground or other hard surface.
  • We are the only legally manufactured trap that is allowed to use a 2-way shaped trigger.
  • A selective triggering system that allows a push-pull, or a pull only, and a safety position.



Additional Information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 8 in


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