Disposable stake Driver

Every one has had one, that is with no, or a broken handle. I have had dozens myself. You all know how hard it is to remove the driver from the hard soil after the handle has broken. You end up beating on the side of the shaft to loosen it up, get your pliers out to twist it, pry up with your hammer, stake puller or whatever. It is a pain in the butt when you would rather be setting more traps. I have probably got at least a half dozen or more broken ones around the shop. I got tired of it so I built a driver that ahs seen SO FAR 2 years of hard use and lots of pounding without a failure of the handle. After repeated blows the shock generated will eventually cause metal fatigue and fractures and the handle breaks. BUMMER. We built a driver/ handle combination that eliminates that shock transfer to the handle. WE use a special alloy steel that can take the abuse of professional trappers. We will carry these for the wolf fang and the super stake disposable stakes and soon the Berkshire. Price around $35.00.  Patent Pending.