Let’s head North for some awesome Rat Trapping using our latest design of the Rat Clip

Follow me as I utilize our latest design of the “Rat Clip” to help be the most effiecent muskrat trapper you can be.  As you know Muskrat floats aren’t always the easiest to pack around and take up a bunch of room, not to mention the weight. For what room a dz small floats take up you could fit over 500 trap and bait clips.  These clips are made of spring steel and designed to go outside of the coils of a coilspring trap and between the frame and levers of the trap and holds the trap securely in place until fired. They are designed for 3/8″ smooth rods. Just sqeeze the clip slide over the rod into position and release, and the clip will lock in place  Use our Rat Clip to trap a rat anywhere they travel. No need to look for the perfect place. Can be set  with the trap at, above or below water level. I like to have my bait clip at least 12″ to 18″ above the traps, and I have another bait clip toward the bottom end of the pole. It will keep your traps from sliding off.  With a success rate of 900 + rats in just a few short weeks last season, I’d say the “Rat Clip Kit” was one hell of a success!